120th Anniversary

The Restored Burlington Northern Depot/WWII Museum celebrated the 120th Anniversary of completion of the Depot on Sunday, December 10th, 2023

The celebration was attended by 60+ people. Mayor Shawnna Silvius presented a declaration from the City making December 10 Lynn Adams Day to honor Lynn for all that he has done to save and restore the Depot.

Bill (Bo) Williams of Omaha and a Red Oak High School graduate was the speaker for the afternoon. Bill and his wife, Evonne Williams, are the co-founders of Patriotic Productions and its mission that include Remembering Our Fallen. They were the volunteer organizers behind multiple Honor Flights that took 3,500+ of veterans to their memorials in Washington DC. It was an honor to have Bo be the speaker. He used the opportunity to “roast” Lynn and numerous former students spoke of their memories with Lynn as their teacher.

Jolene Crawford shared some words from Bob Moore, Junior regarding his father – Colonel Robert Moore – who was a war hero leading Montgomery Country troops in Africa during WWII. Al Hays – Montgomery County’s last WWII living veteran – was also honored.

A book has been written about the life of Lynn Adams by Jolene Crawford and Bud Barnett and is for sale for $15 – $20 if it is mailed. To purchase – contact Jolene at [email protected] or 712-621-9099.

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